Short Story Series 2: Bleeding In Pregnancy

Few minutes before worship…

He was in his thirties and doing well. His name is Lekpa, a bulky six footer. He left his office at Maitama in Abuja by few minutes after five o’clock for a meeting somewhere in Area one. As the secretary of the committee of friends meeting, he could not afford to be late. The meeting was scheduled to begin by five- thirty and he had ten minutes left.

Throttling at a high speed, he found himself close to Berger within minutes while he enjoyed his usual jazz music buzzing from the stereo. He assured himself that he would arrive right on time.

Lekpa has had a fairly good start. Finishing his first degree in Civil Engineering from Port Harcourt and acquiring his masters and Ph D from Imperial college in London. He is an entrepreneur whose construction firm is well rated in Abuja and it’s environs.

He is married to Sharon, a beauty Queen and a Mental Health Specialist who he met the very year he began his Post- graduate training at Imperial College. They went along so well, falling in love few months after and got married a year later. After their Post- graduate training, they returned to Nigeria and settled down in Abuja:the Nation’s capital.

As the car sped so fast, his phone rang so he turned his hand blindly to the right, trying to figure out where his phone was. Finally he found it,and noticed the caller was Blessing, Sharon’s younger sister.

‘Sir!’ She shouted,
‘Please come home immediately, Sharon is bleeding heavily’

Upon hearing that his pregnant wife was bleeding, he started feeling a tremendous wave of fear. His heart was pounding and chest hurting. He found it so difficult to breath;he lost focus. His phone fell off his hands.

Lekpa once in a while develops these feelings even when nothing sinister is in the air. This has been on for about two years and thank God for his wife who counsels him and gives him some tablets. This would be the first time he would be developing the symptoms after a heart breaking news.
Usually, he would find himself worrying alot, having difficulty concentrating, unable to sleep properly at night with some headaches associated. Some other times, his mouth will be dry. He has been told he has an anxiety disorder and among so many things adviced to always eat right;exercise adequately especially basic aerobic exercises, avoid stress, sleep adequately, seek proper counsel before taking any over-the-counter counter drugs or any herbal drugs, cut down on foods and drinks that have caffeine.

Lekpa, haven noticed that his car has diverted to the other lane tried to navigate it back to his lane but it was too late as an on coming vehicle was too close. There was a violent head on collision with a loud blast, dragging the attention of many people soon after it happened.

He was conscious but could not carry himself out of his damaged vehicle as his legs were severely fractured. For the first time in a long while, Lekpa cried.

He was pulled out of the car by kind hearted men who had come to the scene. The people in the other vehicle were also rescued. They were all bleeding and needed immediate attention. He wanted to call his wife but could not find his phone. He also could not find his wallet.

An Ambulance arrived and all five victims were carried to the Hospital. After he was resuscitated,the Doctor told him that his legs have been badly damaged and will need to be amputated. He declined, adding that his wife would need to be contacted first. While he was given time to make up his mind on the matter, he found himself praying, declaring his health and rejecting the amputation. He kept praying until he started sweating. He sensed something has been settled in the realm of the spirit but kept praying.

His Pregnant wife tapped him and the sleep left his eyes. ‘Thank God it was a dream’ he announced with a sigh of relief. It was around six O’clock and he was to lead in the morning devotion. He narrated his dream to his wife and she was also happy it was not real. Few minutes before the worship, he held her so close to himself, kissed her and whispered ‘I love you so much Sharon’.

She smiled brightly and they held hands to pray.

Dr. Desmond L.B Agbo, Intern Doctor, Abuja

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