Short Stories Series 4: A BIG HEART – By Dr Desmond Agbo

Peter did not believe his eyes. He immediately jumped out of the bed and panted for breath.

“My penis!”

“What happened?” Cynthia asked.
“Why did you jump out of me like that?” She added.

“See!, come and see……I’m in trouble ooo…..” He pointed to his penis which has become flaccid and bent all of a sudden. There was an area of swelling by the side. He was already sobbing by this time.

“Calm down” Cynthia assured. “You don’t have to cry, act like a man!”

“How can I act like a man when my penis is gone!” he bellowed.

She was at this point putting on her pants, next her bra then her skirt and blouse. She was equally scared but tried not to show it.

Peter’s penis was getting swollen the more and and the area of swelling appeared red compared to other areas. He was scared and needed to help himself.

“Baby, what should we do now?” She broke in after few seconds. She obviously did not want the matter to go out of hand.

She immediately explored many options that she could take in her mind and escaping out of the Hotel room and leaving peter behind was down on the list,but that won’t be a fair option because he has really stood by her. He met her when she was eighteen and now she is twenty four, Peter Sixty two.

Peter paid her school fees through school and bought her a house. He gives her money for her up- keep and provides everything she needs. He has played the role of a lover and a father to her since she lost hers. She is also aware he is married but cannot help the matter. She loves him and he loves her. That’s all that matters.

Though she has been receiving messages from Amaka, Peter’s wife pleading with her to stay away from her husband, Cynthia has refused to oblige. Stanley, her main Boyfriend who is planning to marry her is never aware of her relationship with Peter. When he saw Peter’s pictures in her phone, she lied he was her uncle.

Amaka, about fifty years old never believed her husband could cheat because he leaves no traces behind. No love messages, no pictures…. He comes home after work everyday, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t smoke. Though he doesn’t follow her to church regularly, He prays with her anytime she asked. He also sing psalms so well, this is what she loves most.

When information got to her that her husband was having an affair with a young girl old enough to be his daughter, She did not believe.
“Don’t tell me that!” She rebuffed.
“I’m serious” Tessy her friend maintained.
“If you don’t believe me, I will show you where she stays and you would do your ground work”.

Amaka was taken there by Tessy days later and she did her underground studies and confirmed it was true.

Now, Peter would never agree when she confronted him with the issue. He stood his ground and insisted he would go any length to prove his innocence. Amaka knew he was guilty but chose not to make an issue out of it.

As they made their way out of the hotel room towards the hospital , Cynthia thought for a while how Peter assumes various sex positions just to please her. Though she can comfortably score him high on bed especially for his age. She never summoned the courage to tell him that rigorous and forceful sexual Penetrations and positions may not be good for him. So she blamed herself for not airing her mind before that day.

Peter was obviously disturbed, he did not plan for this embarrassment. A multimillionaire and a Chief with a fractured penis?. Ta!, this can’t be true he thought and wondered. I’m in big soup, he wondered again.

“Baby!, please don’t tell your wife about this until I have left the hospital ” Cynthia informed him as they drove into the hospital premises.
“I don’t want her to meet me here”.
Peter nodded calmly in agreement. He did not want his wife to meet Cynthia. That may cause more trouble for him.

They were received at the emergency unit and the Doctor quickly took a history and examined him. Then he announced to them that the situation needed an emergency surgery.

“This is serious ooo!!!” Cynthia exclaimed.
“I warned him not to allow me mount on him when we were at it because of his age but he would not agree ”

Peter kept calm while the Doctor advised Cynthia to take things lightly.

Minutes later, Peter was prepared for the surgery and taken into the theatre.

Penile fracture is not so common. It occurs when there is rupture of the tunica albuginea, which lines the cylinders of the penis called corpora cavernosa. It is caused by rapid blunt force to an erect penis, usually during vaginal or anal intercourse or aggressive masturbation. Sometimes, the urethra (the pipe through which urine passes) can be involved. It can also occur when the top of an erect penis is forcefully bent( a cultural practice called qaandan). Penile fracture is painful and requires urgent medical attention.

Cynthia sat at the visitors’ room while the surgery was going on and entertained herself with a bottle of vitamilk which she bought from Hospital’s Mall. She was sitting at one end of the room, far from other patients.

Amaka walked in all of a sudden. Cynthia was shocked to see her. She probably has been informed. Meeting the nurse at the reception,she threw her hands into the air as though she was asking some questions. Cynthia saw her and recognized she was Peter’s wife, then she wanted to stylishly leave the area before she is noticed. She carried her bag carefully and tip toed to the door, opened it and advanced through a path leading to the exit.

“Excuse me dear” someone called from behind. She refused to turn.
“Hello dear, can I talk to you?” the voice called again.
She could not pretend anymore. She knew who was calling and suspected there would be trouble but she summoned courage and walked towards Amaka expecting a fight.

Amaka rather surprised her.

“I’m sure you are Cynthia” she said.

“Yea” she responded. Nodding her head slowly.
“Someone told me my husband is here, what really happened?”.

Cynthia was confused. How would she go about explaining the ugly story in the open. At least some women who had come to see the Doctor were watching and listening too. She was not comfortable with the scenario but had to say something.

” We were having….. sex….” She stuttered.

“I was on him. This is his most preferred position”

At this point, a woman who was secretly listening laughed out loudly but pleaded to be forgiven almost immediately.

Cynthia continued. Amaka kept paying rapt attention.

“He was just doing it until he heard a sound and jumped out of me crying”

“His Penis fractured” she added.

Amaka stared briefly at Cynthia and noticed for a while how fat she looked. She wasn’t surprised at all why that should happen. Then she started crying. Cynthia comforted her and started crying too. The other patients kept looking and intermittently assuring them from afar that all will be fine.

Cynthia was touched. She was willing to change and end her relationship with Peter for good. Amaka’s behaviour had humbled her the more. She expected a fight but Amaka gave her peace. She could not imagine hurting Amaka anymore. She knelt down and apologized to Amaka.

“Forgive me ma”.

“I’m so sorry”.

As she said this, she cried. Amaka was touched and asked her not to cry anymore.

” It is well dear. I have forgiven you my daughter”.

Then Cynthia walked home still sobbing. As she approached the hospital gate, she received a message from Stanley that he has put an end to their relationship. He too may have heard.

After the surgery, the Doctor called Amaka in and Peter apologized to her from his hospital bed. He promised not to cheat on her again. As he made the promise, tears flowed from his eyes like rain drops.

Amaka held him and assured him that she has forgiven him.

The Doctor smiled brightly as he watched the couple renew their love. It was a spectacular one to behold. They lived happily ever after while Peter’s penis remained slightly impaired despite the surgery.

Work originally appeared on the writer’s Facebook timeline. Dr Letambari Agbo Desmond works at the National Hospital Abuja.
This story is a pure work of fiction and has no correlation with any person or any activity. Thank you for reading my work. It’s an act to spread knowledge through story telling.

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