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#SaveOkon: He Needs 10Million Naira For Renal Transplant… He deserves a second chance!!!

I was just alerted on Facebook by dear friend that Engr Ekemini Ededet Okon has been diagnosed of Chronic Kidney Disease and have since been on dialysis since September 2016.

That he has been spending over 120,000 naira every week for dialysis and is not able to continue funding this treatment option. In truth the definitive treatment for Chronic Renal Disease is transplantation which would require #10Million for the surgery… dialysis is not a cost effective option.

Okon, a few months back… He is indeed baby face.

I remember being on a renal transplant unit during my internal medicine rotation. It could be quite painful and saddening to see a patient/client who cannot afford the renal transplant or even the renal dialysis. Let me attempt to explain  what goes on…

A patient with chronic renal disease have both kidneys shrunken (most likely investigative finding), and can not be able to excrete the unwanted waste that are detrimental to the body. This means toxins continue to course through the body and exponentially accumulate to such levels and proportions that cells begin to get affected. Soon the cells begin to die off one after the other. The patients typically falls sick more often and may reach a point where movement is impaired.

A dialysis simply helps to remove some or most of the toxin till the next scheduled dialysis section. Each session is costly and less effective when compared to renal transplant. Dialysis is more like a temporary fix to the kidney disease. But renal transplantation give the patient another opportunity to getting better functioning kidneys, hence it is a ‘permanent fix’.

Okon happens to be a very cheerful character. I personally knew him for we ate from the same pot back then in school. He is principally a good person. Now he happens to be a victim of kidney disease, but the good news is that renal transplant patients have lived long and fulfilled lives after this procedure, so it is not a death sentence.

I enjoin us to save a brother… N10Million appears big but it is not insurmountable…
Save A Life…
Help My Brother, My Friend, A Good Heart…

You can send your contributions to His Account…..


*Account number*: 2098494800

*Bank*: UBA BANK

God bless you as you as you make your kind donation

For confirmation and more details …

*phone number*: 08066188820

NB: DoctorsQuarters.com have decided to keep sharing and re-sharing this post until #SaveOkon is achieved. Kindly use the hashtag #SaveOkon… He deserves another chance!!!

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