I am quite aware that some creams, moisturisers  or lotions have been advertised with an assurance that your skin would remain soft and smooth. But this may not be entirely true, as suggested by a new research published in Current Biology.

The study authors/researchers are calling it “Social Softness Illusion”. Can you beat that?!! The illusion shows that touching someone else’s skin tends to feel softer and smoother than when you touch your own, regardless of whether or not it actually is.

Hear what study author Dr. Antje Gentsch, of the University College London have to say;

“What is intriguing about the illusion is its specificity.

We found the illusion to be strongest when the stroking was applied intentionally and according to the optimal properties of the specialized system in the skin for receiving affective touch.

That specialized system involves a certain class of nerves known as C tactile (CT) afferents, which are believed to be specifically tuned to human caresses, giving rise to pleasant sensations.

The authors concluded by saying that;

“Recent research suggests that softness and smoothness are rewarding tactile attributes that act as reinforcers of behavior and, in opposition to other tactile cues, have been found to produce larger activation in reward and affective brain circuits than in primary sensory areas.”

So the next time you feel good on touching your lover’s hand, do remember that it is all in your head, an illusion nonetheless.


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