Hello people.  Have a few questions for our ladies. Have you every asked and wondered why and how you got inner black thighs? Especially if you are light skinned? And because of this you are so shy of your thighs. You find it difficult to even wear a swimming trunk and even go swimming or hang out with friends. Even find it hard to wear short outfits and be confident in them. Well, i will tell you why they occur and what causes them. Here are some causes

Being overweight can cause your thighs to rub against each other when you walk, which can cause discoloration and itchy skin called chaffing. To avoid this wear loose-fitting pants and avoid nylon and other synthetic fabrics as they cause more irritation, choose natural fibers when possible.

No thigh gap

To some people, this problem results from lacking thigh gap or having thighs that are so close to each other. This problem is what affects obese people as seen already.

Excess sweat and tight clothes may cause darker thighs. Friction caused by this can result in darker thighs, again choose fabrics that can breathe. Excess friction and sweating between thighs can darken or blacken them. Furthermore, if you are fond of wearing very tight clothing, you will only be worsening this problem. Therefore, wearing loose breathable clothing might help if this is the cause in your unique case. Furthermore, avoid dark colored tight jeans.

 Sun Exposure
If you enjoy spending time in the sun and your thighs are exposed it can increase the pigments that darken your skin.

Hormonal Imbalance
Your inner thighs can darken from hormonal imbalance, some women notice their inner thighs darken during parts of their menstrual cycle, hormonal changes from pregnancy can also cause darkening of skin.

Some medications can cause skin changes, including oral contraceptives. Ask your doctor for alternatives if you need to.

 Acanthosis Nigricans
This condition makes dark patches and discoloration occur on your skin. There are several remedies available from your doctor or to make for yourself at home.

Shaving with Razor & other bikini hair removal techniques

Excessive shaving for those who are a bit hairy can cause inner black thighs. This problem is often for people who use old razors that irritate their inner thigh skin and thus darkening it.

Diabetes and insulin resistance

A common question often asked is the dark inner thigh and diabetes connection. Research has shown that people who are insulin resistant often suffer from darkening thighs. This perhaps can be the connection.  You will suffer from dark skin around your neck, armpits and other body parts.

There are many other causes of dark skin between thighs which include use of skin care products and perfumes that might be reactive, aging, chemicals found in sweat, poor ventilation among others.

These are reasons why we have inner black thighs. In my next write up i will give ways on how to manage and treat inner dark thighs.




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Shimi Bridget Williams
I am a Content Writer at Doctorsquaters. A Graduate with a degree in Public Health from Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State. I love fitness and I am an Advocate for Women health and well being. I am from Kaduna State. I love music, singing, playing badminton, movies, anime, cartoons and books. I am a very friendly person and like meeting people.