I was quietly going through my surgery text, when I got a whatsapp message from a newly graduated doctor, Dr Kay (not original name). He claims he is a graduate from the University of Nigeria and is currently practising. His first request was terse thus;

“Please I need you to tell me the nitty gritty of blogging”.

He went on to practically ask me to ‘lead’ him through the whole process of blogging (including what it entails, the financial side to it, the ups and downs). He said he was impressed by how far DoctorsQuarters.com have come, being an ardent reader. In his mind, I was quite sure he would be thinking I have got some recognitions or awards. Oh yes, it came quite early…

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Well, like many other persons that have equally sought my counsel, I asked him a simple question…

‘Why do you want to be a blogger?’

But he was slow to give me the answer, rather he was more inclined to tell me about his bias for journalism, and the fact that he wanted to (not in exact chats sha) practically be like Linda Ikeji. He had this dream of blogging on a wide range of subject matter.

But he failed to realise some fundamental realities about being a blogger in Nigeria. Most start up bloggers who are professionals in their fields, especially doctors, nurses, pharmacist, medical laboratory scientists and other health workers get it twisted when it comes to blogging

Hopefully this my post will expose the basics for every start-up person. Getting on as a blogger, I have found one require some tools and some principles.


Basic among the tools for every start up blogger are

  1. The choice of a computer system that would serve the purpose: Generally I recommend any medium-sized laptop with a 500GB memory capacity, a minimum of 4GB RAM size. This would do just fine.
  2. A functioning email address, either yahoo or Gmail: I personal believe that Gmail have a user friendly interphase that helps every blogger.
  3. A dedicated note book and a pen or pencil attached to it: Never detach the pencil from it, in case you need to take down a few notes about topics or ideas to blog on.

These tools would only serve you since you are just starting up a new blog, but you would definitely need other more advanced techs and stuff as you go on.


When I started blogging, as a medical student, there were a lot of distractions and attractions, that seemed to push me away from an effective blogging. Then I thought I should implement some secrets I believe would work for you.

  1. Solid Base: From the beginning, it is totally necessary you get it right. From the very foundation, which include whether you want to self host your blog or you want a free hosting. (Look out for my next post on ‘The best Hosting Choice of every Doctor and Health worker”)
  2. Content: I saw in a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) booklet, that the best way to grow your traffic is to write CLEAR, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE contents that will get your audience coming back for more. This has been DoctorsQuarters.com secret. If you must post a duplicate content, GIVE CREDIT TO THE SOURCE.
  3. CONSISTENCY: This is real deal; a point over 90% of all failed start up bloggers get wrong. You must never get your audience ‘High and Dry’; make sure that if you want to post every day, keep to putting up daily post. If you feel better doing it every two days, then do just that. The world depends on information for survival now, and if you cannot keep up to satisfy your dedicated audience, then why did you start initially?
  4. AUDIENCE: From the start, you must identify whom your audience would be. From the start, I recognised that my audience would be mostly health professionals, students in training, and health-seeking persons; so it makes me provide their wants. Similarly, get to find out whom your audience would be, it would make you a leading player in your niche.

Already, more people have accessed the Internet today, for the sole purpose of becoming a blogger. It is even on record that more and more doctors have joined the fray. My experiences have proven this to me.

Getting the right baby steps as a beginner will determine how long you last in the blogosphere system.

For you, YES YOU, who is a health professional and you believe you have started blogging but you did not start correctly OR you are reading this post and you are being inspired to start blogging, then get focused today, ask the right persons your questions or doubts and then proceed on solid footing… Wish You Best Of Luck!!!


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The Admin is a Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Certified Medical Doctor. He is popular for being a fast rising online voice in Nigeria, with a flair for animated writing. He is a professional health content writer.
He loves to swim, read and play board games. He see himself as one who is destined to play a role in the way health services are rendered to the human race.