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Reasons you should mind what you eat from food/fruit/vegetable vendors

Food and fruit vendors are rampant this days, as they make it easy for one to get something to eat anytime. But then there are those of us who are probably  on the expressway, travelling and sometimes have some cravings that make us purchase these foods/fruits n the way, and we just eat them up. But here’s what we don’t know.

1. You don’t know where its coming from.

Well, this is usually common with cooked or bakes food items. Depending on the environment, vectors of diseases are usually present in unclean or poorly sanitized areas, and so end up spreading infectious agents. You have to be sure where the food item is coming from, and make sure its still hot/warm enough so that is you don’t eat on the spot , you can eat it later when you get home.

2. You don’t know the level of hygiene involved.

This is usually common with cut open fruits and vegetables, because sometimes, the water used to wash them may not be / is not clean and hygienic enough. And if you are the “eat-on-the-spot” kind of person and not get to wash it before eating, then one day you may end up having diarrhea or even dysentery or one nasty food-borne/water-borne infection to deal with.

3. You don not know if its stale.

So people,warm food, mostly because the couldn’t finish selling them the day before and can’t through it away, so end up using it to make profit the following day assuring people that it is fresh. Better to pick the last in a pile than to pick the first you see. They would want to sell off the stale ones before the fresh ones.

 4. You do not know whether it could be toxic.

Being stale, means it would be toxic to you health, it’s just like eating expired food, you could end up dead. And in this case, people may not even know exactly what you ate, especially if you are travelling.

I am not a spoiler, but to protect your health, its important to consider all these to avoid unnecessary health complications and problems.

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Shimi Bridget Williams
I am a Content Writer at Doctorsquaters. A Graduate with a degree in Public Health from Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State. I love fitness and I am an Advocate for Women health and well being. I am from Kaduna State. I love music, singing, playing badminton, movies, anime, cartoons and books. I am a very friendly person and like meeting people.