Your killer heels are killing much more than you think. Statistics show that high heels are one of the biggest factors leading to foot problems in women with a third suffering permanent problems as a result of prolonged wear.

Dr. Nevins, on osteopathic physician from Hollywood, Calif, says; when you wear high heels, your foot slides forwards in your shoe forcing your foot to the unnatural shape of the shoes and redistributing your weight on incorrectly and causing spider veins . The increased weight on your toes causes your body to tilt forwards, and to compensate, you lean backwards and overarch your back creating a posture that can strain your knees (put extra stress on the knee joint, fast tracking wear and tear that leads to osteoarthrirtis), hips(overworks the outer hip muscles), and lower back (sore lower back). The change in the position of the spine puts pressure on nerves of the back and can cause sciatica, a condition where nerves becomes trapped, triggering pain and numbness as far down as the feet. Over time, high heels shorten the muscles in your calves especially the Achilles tendon and in your back, leading to pain and muscle spasms.


  • Choose sensible heels
  • Wear soft insoles to reduce the impact on your knees.
  • Make sure your shoes are the right size, with a right enough toe box to allow you to wiggle your toes.
  • Wear heals on days that require limited standing or walking.
  • Alternate your shoe choice throughout the day or from one day to the next.
  • Take time everyday to stretch your calf muscles and feet.

In conclusion, wearing of heels adds to the beauty of a lady’s outfit. However, it should be borne in mind that it has its chronic consequences and necessary steps should be taken to be on the safe side.


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Cynthia Isuekebhor

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