Perofak Eye Clinic, One-Stop Eye Care Destination….My Experience, My Story.

I recently made a trip to Owerri, Imo State, a fast growing town in the Eastern part of Nigeria. I had gone to meet up with some clients and partners interested in working with the brand. While in the town, I was hosted by the renowned photographer and creatographer, Alex Anthony, a host per excellence. Even though the trip was a short one, I thought it was most revealing and i will share this with you shortly.

Even though I am a medical doctor, I find that being a writer, here on this blog, is so refreshing. It almost impossible now to stay away from this lifestyle… even as many readers consider me a critic!!! I think i may have unwittingly built a persona some readers consider too ‘critical’. So I have decided to do some more positive works.

Owerri town may not be as industrialized and ‘tech’ as most residents want it to be, but I daresay it is gradually taking form and may just be the next big thing to happen East of the Niger.

You may wonder why I sound so enthusiastic and so positive about the future of Owerri town. I ll give you one big reason and hope  you verify this yourself. Before I proceed, I want to say this article is not a grand-standing for anybody or any group. It is my humble observation which could be verified by readers nonetheless, after all I am an unrepentant critic, stating the obvious for all to check out.

I had the pleasure of visiting a new eye clinic in the town. I and a couple of other persons, were invited to the eye clinic on a fact finding meeting and tour. It is my understanding that the management of the eye clinic operates an open door policy allowing for all potential clients and/patients to get a free tour of the health facility.

When Mr Alex Anthony, my host, had told us – myself and two others, invited as i was – that we would be going to the Perofak Eye Clinic to meet with the owner, I did not expect to see what I saw in that facility. Maybe i was biased with the half-truths I saw on social media about the Perofak Eye Clinic… they were actually calling it the ‘biggest eye clinic in Owerri’. The social media narratives did not correspond with the verbal narratives from witnesses who had seen the facility before our arrival.

As I stepped into the cozy reception and critically scrutinized the activities of the front desk personnel, saw the arrangement and positions of the reception seats, noted the location of a rack for the display of eye-glass frames, and the felt the general disposition of the doctors (professional optometrists) on call, I was not left in doubt of the professionalism inherent in the facility. I simply put away my medical cloak and absorbed everything the clinic had to offer. Naturally, Perofak Eye Clinic met my high sense of standard.

An eye examination being done on a client.

We had just waited for about thirty minutes when the main man arrived… Dr Onyeka Okafor, the Founder and CEO Perofak Eye Clinic. At a first glance, he appeared to be a workaholic, but he proved to be even more… a go-getter with mind blowing vision and dreams.

He invited us up to the Executive suite while he took care of some clinic business. When he concluded with his task he took us on an elaborate tour of the Eye Clinic. My impression changed as we worked from one consulting room to the next, one examination room into the next, one store room into the next. The tour can be summarized thus; ‘Never Judge A Book By Its Cover’. He was patiently answering every little enquiry our tour members threw at him. He answered each with indepth knowledge on the general workings of the equipment, the staff number etc.

Even though I am a medical doctor who have been to quite a handful of clinics, hospitals – private and public, teaching hospitals – state and federal, I have never seen an Eye Clinic that can boast of having a conglomeration of the caliber of equipment I saw in Perofak Eye Clinic. It is intimidating, to say the least. The clinic is setting a new standard for all to follow. I think the tour was a eye opener and it set the stage for other series of discussions we had with him.

In the course of the meeting with the Founder of Perofak Eye Clinic Dr Onyeka, he got us to get a glimpse of the vision he hopes to perpetuate, especially when Clinic is moved to its permanent site, where Perofak Eye Clinic will become a full fledged Perofak Eye Hospital. He practically dissected his thoughts and dreams, disclosing a lot of what he hopes to achieve through this noble venture.

The Founder and Principal of Perofak Eye Clinic, Dr Onyeka, during a session with some optometry students…

I left the facility filled with an inner joy. A town most consider as operating below par when compared to other states in the region, Perofak Eye Clinic is defining how Imo State will be rated. The clinic boasts of professional eye doctors, ancillary staff, that keeps the clinic running daily like a machine.

Perofak Eye Clinic may appears like every other eye clinic on the outside, but its content (manpower and equipment) is simply great. I can only see a bright future for this very young clinic… already they have a program where they mentor and teach young optometry students how to use some key appliances in proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Already they have opened up dedicated Facebook and Instagram accounts to further reach out to persons who need eye care doctors. I look up these pages and I thought it was quite interesting, especially with a new video-series tutorial sections running now on the handles.

At the launch of Perofak Eye Clinic… Starting the wide ranging services with God.

Finally, there are still lingering problems relating to the quality, source and how much you pay for healthcare in Nigeria. Hence, the all-in-one service being provided by professionals at the recently launched Perofak Eye Clinic is a noble gesture that should be encouraged and applauded for Nigeria deserves more and more noble, equipped facilities like Perofak Eye Clinic.

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