ParcelMedico Launches Campaign #PostMedicalGraduatesForInternship

Many people may not know this, but medical graduates including medical related courses like Medicine & Surgery| Pharmacy| Medical lab Science|Dentistry| Nursing| Optometry |Physiotherapy|Radiography|Dental Therapy &Technology etc, go through crucibles to get placement for their compulsory one-year internship in Nigeria.

It have gotten worst over time, with some graduates staying at home for as long 2-3 years before getting a spot in a government approved facility for the intern programme.

Now, I gather that some senoir colleagues in the health sector have already initiated moves to remedy the situation, however, the victims themselves have decided to come under one roof to call for an immediate change to what has been described as ‘another bad thing’ in the health sector.

ParcelMedico is powering this drive. In case you do not know anything about ParcelMedico, read HERE. They are leveraging social media to reach out to authorities, whom they hope would start posting medical graduates for internship instead of the present system, where graduates are left to practically ‘hunt’ for a placement.

Read some accounts of medical graduates who are suffering due to the present system;

We were told to try and graduate from medical school as if there is already a White collar job waiting for us. The first work that qualifies us to have permanent license is what we are struggling to have for more than 2years. This is pathetic and heartbreaking both to the candidate and to the family in question. Government should come to our rescue… – Facebook User, Ikeh Stephen Obinna
“I remembered our induction day vividly, I really thought there wont be much stressful moments. But I never knew….what lies ahead….. Our parents have tried……it look like though its a regretful idea being a medical graduate. We travel for many interviews hopelessly…… We dont see any hope……if all Nigerian graduates annually can be posted for NYSC service, why cant medical graduates be posted for internship… There are several updated hospitals where we can be posted, both in urban and rural areas. Alot can be done… that we dont regrets our honorable decision and parents not sent to early graves where they are thriving to sponsor our travels round Nigeria…they deserve something better……peace of mind and joy seeing their children becoming remarkable in their fields and in the society.” – Facebook User, Chidimma Uzoechi
“I have just returned home from Uniport Teaching Hospital this late evening heavy hearted. I got message of postponement of the interview when I was about to get to PH from Nsukka yesterday. I toured UPTH in the morning. There was even no official information regarding the postponement in their notice boards. Sadly, the same UPTH today, 25th April 2017 , released names of employed house officers . How could they have released names of employed house officers from a postponed interview ??? Please dear colleagues, join forces to get the root of that fraud; and sanitize internships placement in general.” – Facebook User, Don-Valentine Oforbuike
These are real life accounts as compiled on the new facebook MedicalGraduates Ngr, by ParcelMedico. It is so disheartening and something needs to be done about this worsening trend. You can join the campaign on twitter @MegonNgr.
See the infographic as shared by parcelmedico, on the just concluded internship exams in UNICAL for internship position.

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