NPMCN Official Website Melts?!! Here Is Why…


Today I got an interesting comment on support email where the reader, Laura (not real name), simply wants to know why the official website of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria Is not loading.

As one of it official partners/outlets where it disseminates info to the public, the Postgraduate Medical College site is key to us.


New Results Of 2016 March Primary NPMCN Exams (Full List)

However I guess this would be the first time the site is shut down immediately Fellowship results are released. Laura thinks the Management is using the opportunity of the site shutdown to modify the results. Another theory she believes maybe the reason for the site shutdown is overwhelming traffic.

Whatever the reason for the shutdown, I believe the Management of the Site is working tirelessly to put it back on and to make it user friendly. It is not out of place for a site to go off for a few days due to a few reason:

  • Scheduled maintainance
  • Bandwidth expiry and renewal protocol
  • Planned upgrade of the site

These are the commonest reasons a site would go off for a few hours, that even sometimes experience the same thing.

But for this to be misconstrued as deliberate and a ploy to ulterior motives, then we get it wrong. Candidates, especially Obstetrics and Gym primary candidates, who have not seen their results should kindly be patient a while, it would be released soonest.

Stick to we would inform you the moment it is released!!!

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