Noma, aka Cancrum Oris, Is A New Infection of ‘Public Health Priority’ – WHO

WHOThe World Health Organisation has adopted Cancrum Oris (Noma), an infection said to be promoted by extreme poverty and malnutrition as a “high public health priority.”
The adoption was taken at a recent WHO meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
This new position was revealed by the Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole. Prof Adewole, at the maiden conference of the infection, jointly organised by the Oral Health Advocacy Initiative and the Africa Initiative for Health Innovation, Advocacy and Development, delivered a paper titled, ‘Community participation as a primary intervention strategy in the control of Cancrum Oris (Noma)’.
He was represented by the Director of Family Health in the ministry, Dr. Adebimpe Adebiyi.
“During the recent regional WHO meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, WHO adopted Noma as a high public health priority and it is driving the eradication of Noma. Stakeholders should therefore join hands with the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Government to combat the disease.”
“We have already identified the root cause of Noma, which is malnutrition. And from researches and surveys that have been carried out recently, the President has declared a nutrition emergency in some northern states. That goes to tell you why we are having Noma in some parts of the country than the others.
“So, the most important thing is to tackle the problem of nutrition and when we do that especially in children, we would have conquered the disease. Apart from malnutrition, there are some other diseases including diarrhoea and measles, which are also related to malnutrition.”

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