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NANNM to FG: Approve the Unified Scheme of Service for Nurses.

report-sign-d-illustration-abstract-white-background-34931584The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) has called on the federal government to without further delay, approve the unified schemes of service for nurses which according to the body is also stalling the implementation of internship for graduates of nursing sciences.
In a communique obtained by jude chiedu of Nursingworld and signed by the NANNM National president abdurafiu adeniji, the association urged the Federal Government as a matter of urgency through the National Council on Establishment (NCE) to approve the unified scheme of service for nurses and cause all necessary machineries to be put in motion for its immediate implementation.
This call and 18 other points were highlighted when the association held its 2016 international nurses week/midwives day held between 9th and 12th May, 2016 at the universal basic education training center, Gusau in Zamfara state. The event drew participants from the 36th states of the country and FCT Abuja.
The commemorative day was celebrated on the 12th May, 2016 and was attended by very important dignitaries including the Governor of zamfara State, his excellency Hon, (Dr) Abdul’Azeez Yari Abubakar (Shettirnan Marafa) ably represented by the Secretary to the State Government, and the Emir of Gusau, HRH Alhaji Ibrahim Bello, the past presidents and general secretaries of NANNM amongst others.
Following extensive deliberations on the theme of the week and analyses of critical and contemperary issues surrounding the health sector and the health of the people of Nigeria, and conditions concerning the plight of Nurses and Midwives, as well as the activities of NANNM at addressing the various challenges, the congress in session pledged unalloyed solidarity and passed a vote of confidence in the leadership of the organization urging all stake holders to join hands with the leadership to take our  profession to the lofty height it deserves in Nigeria
1. We wish to profoundly appreciate the Executive Governor of Zamfara State, His Excellency, Hone (Dr) Abdul’Azeez Yari Abubakar (Shettlmarr Mar-fa), the Ernir of Gusau HRH Alhaji Ibrahim Relict a professional nurse) and the people of Zamfara State for their hospitality and for providing an enabling environment for a successful 2016 Nursee/Midwives week celebration. We also appreciate the various dignitaries that graced the commemorative day celebration whether in person or in representative capacity.
2. The conference in session appreciate the federal government on its change agenda, the committed fight against corruption and efforts in dealing with the Security Issues in the country, NANNM therefore appeals to the government to do more In the areas of rampaging herdsmen, kidnapping and pipeline vandalism.
3, The members of the Association viewed with great concern the type of attention been given to the various demand placed at the negotiating table of the government as it concerned the review of salaty and allowances of nurses and midwives, payment of teaching allowances to nurses on CONHESS 7 and 8, upward review of shift duty allowances of the vast majority of our members, promotion of deserved senior nurses to CONHESS 15 as directors and subsequent involving them at the top management level in our teaching hospitals, Federal medical centres and specialist hospitals and promotion of registered nurses beyond grade CONHESS 8 in our federal health institutions and few states of the federation. The correction in the lopsided nature of health sector administration without adequate involvements of professional nurses and midwives is equally seen as a misnomer that needed tie be addressed to be able to have an effective and efficient health system in the country. The marginalisation is causing great danger to the health sector performances.
4 We identify that there are gross shortages of Nurses/Midwives in the Nigeria public service resulting in work overloading, burn out and stress on the few working Nurses at various strata of Health Institutions in the country. We therefore call on the Federal, state and Local Governments as a matter of urgency to employ more Nurses and Midwives across board to close the Gap in nursing service to our people
5. We note the delay in the approval of the unified schemes of service for nurses which is also stalling the implementation of internship for graduates of nursing sciences. We urge the Federal Government as a matter of urgency through the National Council on Establishment (NCO to approve the unified scheme of service for nurses and cause all necessary machineries to be put in motion for its immediate implementation.
6. We acknowledged and appreciate the Federal Government for the recent pronouncement on building Ten Thousand Primary Health Centres across Nigeria. However, we wish to advise strongly, that these should not only be properly built but adequately equipped and appropriately staffed. We also recommend that qualified Nurses and Midwives be employed to man the proposed facilities and provisions made for such Nurses and midwives to ensure that the health centres function efficiently and adequately
7. The Association is deeply concerned about the high Incidence of infant and maternal mortality rates in the country as a result of the unpopular decisions of some institutions to prevent midwives from carrying out the duties they have been duly trained, registered and licenced to practise. We hereby call on the institutions concerned to do the needful to allow midwives perform their duties in order to combat the rising tide of infant and maternal mortality rates in the country.
We also urge our members to resist any attempt to prevent them from carrying out their lawful duties and not hesitate to carry the relevant organs of the association along if the need arises. The federal ministry of health should do a thorough investigation with the view to prevent under utilization of the midwives
8. The Association decries the current poor attention being accorded the Midwives Service Scheme and lack of provision of funding to prosecute the laudable scheme. Apart from the Fact that the situation is contributing greatly to this increase in infant and maternal mortality, this has impeded the career progression of graduate midwives who cannot be registered and licensed to practice until successful completion of the midwives service scheme. We therefore call on the Federal Government to renew its commitment to the scheme and ensure its full Implementation through adequate funding and logistics.
9. We observed with dismay the exodus of Nurses for greener pasture due to poor conditions of service, lack of necessary equipment/facilities and poor remuneration, We therefore call an Governments at all levels (Federal, States and Local) to be committed to improving the condition of service and adequate remuneration.
State and Local Governments should ensure full (100%) implementation of CONHESS, as this will help to retain nurses and prevent brain drain. We equally call on the various employers of nurses and midwives, especially Federal, State and local government to urgently address the stagnation in the career progression of nurses and midwives in their employment.
10. We call on Government to improve and equip hospitals and training schools with modern equipment, ICT, employ adequate personnel towards increasing the number of nurees/midwives graduating at any point in time so as to make our healthcare system truly resilient and able to withstand stress. Various proprietors of nursing and midwifery schools should also do the needful to correct various anomalies thet have led to de-accreditation of many training schools. Adequate input is required from all stakeholders to ensure smooth transformation in nursing education in Nigeria.
11. We urge the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) as a regulatory body to be at the forefront of the regulation of all task shifted nursing and midwifery procedures ae stated in the task- shifting and sharing policy of 2014. The association as a professional body has the responsibility of ensuring standard of practices and prevention of loss of lives to professional maIpractice, errors and negligence
12. We call on the Government for the immediate reconstitution of the board of N&MCN to facilitate the appointment of a substantive Secretary General/Registrar to strengthen the Council’s functionalities Including — moving nursing education from Ministry of Health and hospital based to the Ministry of Education. And review of the statutes establishing the Nursing& Midwifery Council of Nigeria. All the state are also enjoined to enact enabling laws to enhance nursing education reforms in Nigeria.
13. We identified the need to strengthen Nursing and Midwifery committee at the state [evel towards curbing the menace of quackery in the profession through adequate funding, provision of necessary legal framework and enhancement of monitoring and supervision of all health care facilities in the jurisdiction of the respective states.
14. We call on the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria to rise up to her challenges and put more efforts to ensure that nurses’ licenses are renewed in a timely and efficient manner,
15. We appreciate the Federal Ministry of Health for accepting the proposal for the establishment of a post graduate college of nursing and appeal that the necessary be done to fast track the actualization of this laudable project.
16. We call on all the Governments at all levels to Increase substantially allocations to the health sector in their budgets incompliance with international best practices. The need to provide adequate Infrastructure and equipment cannot be overemphasized.
17. The meeting commended NEC for confirming the appointment of comrade Thomas Ahmed shettima a as the substantive General Secretary of NANNM
18. The Association rejects and condemn in totality the recent pronouncement of increase in the pump price of PMS from N86.50 to N145.0O. It is nothing but height of insensitivity and anti-masses in all ramifications,
We pledge the commitment of all Nurses and Midwives to continue rendering selfless service while upholding the virtues that Florence Nightingale stood for, as members of the noble profession of Nursing and Midwifery we will continue to play our part in contributing to a healthy nation in spite of all the challenges facing us as a nation at the moment.
Nurse Abdrafiu Alani Adeniji
National President 
General Secretary


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