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Underarm shave is a big deal now especially for women and I take it personal. You cannot wear a tube top dress or sleeveless blouse without hair sneaking under your arm and can be really embarrassing. Most times unshaven underarm can cause discomfort and odor that can be disturbing too.

However, it is also mentioned that we need to be careful in shaving this part as the nerve is connected to the breast. And most times, bad shaving is responsible for dark colored armpits and they can be really uncomfortable and unattractive. Sometimes ‘bumbs’ show up after days of shaving.
Here are secrets to get perfect safe shave.

1. Best Razor
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You will need the best razor to help you. There are two alternatives for shaving razor. You can have the disposable or electronic razor to help you. Ask the shopping assistant if you are not sure because shaving razors are made differently. Be careful in choosing one. And i prefer the feminine ones, more colorful and attractive to use

2. Wet Armpit/Soapy Armpit
Before you start shaving, it is best that your armpit is not on dry condition. The best way will be shaving while you are taking a shower. Wet your armpit first, and then you can start shaving it. It prevents from skin injury as well so don’t try it while it is dry. Most times i use soap up before shaving

3. Shaving Cream or Lotion
In alternative to it, you can also use shaving cream and lotion. This is way safer than the other alternative. It keeps your skin from dryness and possible risk of skin injury. You can find it easily on grocery stores. Commonly, you will have men or women cream and lotion.

4. Raised Hands

This is the best gesture when you are shaving your armpit. You need to see it as well so face a mirror if possible. Raised hands will make the skin taut. It makes shaving easier and safer. Do it slowly and do not press the razor to avoid injury.

5. Wet Cloth Help

When you are done, you will need soft wet cloth to wipe the lotion or cream. Wipe it slowly and clean the area before you apply after shave care lotion. Make sure that you really clean it to avoid bacteria. Rinse with water if needed.

6. After Care

When you already clean the area, do not forget to apply moisturizer or after shave lotion on the shaved area. It prevents soreness, itching, and irritation. Commonly, after shaving lotions price are not so far from the shaving cream and lotion, and you can get it on grocery store.

Now, you will be able to have just the perfect shaved underarm as well. Do not underestimate every step suggested here. If you are doing it for the first time alone, make sure that you take enough time in shaving. Shaving needs confident and careful moves. And enjoy your confidence once again.

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