Meningitis kills 109 in Zamfara, Niger, Three Other States

It has been confirmed!!! Cerebrospinal Meningitis is now officially ravaging some key states in Northern Nigeria. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control recently confirmed the death of 109 persons from Cerebro Spinal Meningitis in five states since February this year.

Already a combined team of health professionals from the National Primary Health Care Development Board, the World Health Organisation, and the United States  Centre for Disease Control had been drafted  to the affected states as a control team.

The Chief Executive Officer/ National Coordinator of the NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu has this to say;

A new strand of meningitis called “stereotype C” had emerged in place of the previous known type “stereotype A”, which had disappeared.

 The vaccine for this new stereotype “C” meningitis was not commercially available and need to be acquired through a special process is managed by the World Health Organisation.
“There is a vaccine available but it is not commercially available for the stereotype involved in this specific outbreak and we have to make application to the World Health Organisation for the vaccines.
“We are working closely with the WHO to ensure that we get access to vaccines needed to respond to the outbreak and prevent further cases. We understand meningitis peaks every year in the dry season in certain states and we must work better with these states to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives. We must work collectively to stop this outbreak and prevent
“We continue to advocate for scientists and for the global community to really try and push to develop a vaccine for meningitis `C’, on the other hand all we can do is prevention,” he said.
“Thankfully, the vaccines have arrived and we have started vaccination campaign in Zamfara. We are in the process of starting in Sokoto and Kebbi states.”
 The centre was working with the states by supporting and ensuring they have the supplies to combat the disease.
“Meningitis is a tough disease especially during this period and it is associated with over-crowding, understanding the living conditions in the country, people must keep their building ventilated,” he said.

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