SPECIAL POST: Many come to mean more to you, than others. Some just got a brief stint with you… maybe just a chit chat, or while waiting to catch a bus down to Oshodi, from Mile 2; other could just be while you are about to get something at the supermarket; while some leave an everlasting mark, even though you never met them, but you spoke over the phone.

For Agwu Prince Chiemeka Odachi Jr, I never met him, but he may have just left a mark on me, because of his works… Did I mention that this 1st class holder from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, writes incredibly well. Yes, I read one of his powerful articles… it was so graphic and descriptive. So you see, when I say I have never met the guy, neither have I even spoken to him, I am convinced that his write-ups speak volumes. To read more of his mind-provoking articles and thoughts, CLICK HERE 

Agwu Prince Odachi Business Card

Agwu Prince Odachi Business Card

He is currently having his Masters in Social Policy in view from his Alma mata, where he also lectures in the Department of Social Work and Community Development.

He is a seasoned Public Speaker, Sociopolitical Analyst and Editor. His penchant for quality statecraft has led him to making series of articles on matters that concern national growth and development, more or less a social commentator.

Some of his articles could be found on

He is also the founder of The Rhetorics Project, an outfit that offers citizens well grounded skills in effective communication and public speaking
You can also reach him on +234 703 443 7569.


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