According to a 2013 statistics (the latest available) released by the New Delhi-based Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), of 275,271 tourist arrivals in India, Nigeria accounted for 34,522.

The report showed that 42.4 per cent of 34, 522 Nigerians, who visited India, came for medical treatment.

The breakdown of African tourist arrivals in India and medical treatment percentage is as follows: Tanzania-23,345(18.5 per cent); Kenya- 40,484(9.2 per cent); Sudan-8,778(9.1 per cent); Mauritius-27,418(5.1 per cent); Egypt-15,062(1.1 per cent); South Africa-58,023 (0.9 per cent) and others-67,639 (13.9 per cent).

Medical tourism by Africans to India is on the increase because of poor facilities on the Continent. Africans who desire expertise in medical services, effective financing program and stable governance, quality health infrastructure continue to move to India in search of these.

Nigerians continue to lead the pack!!!


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