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Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board Communique in Response to Campaigns of Calunmy Against the Registrar

It has become necessary for the MRTB to issue this communiqué in response to the campaigns of calumny against the office of the Registrar/CEO MRTB, on the purported division presently experienced in the Association of the profession Physiotherapy.

This communiqué is aimed at addressing a misconception raised by a visit by some concerned professionals, to the registrar of the MRTB. It must be clearly recognised that the enabling law establishes the Board MRTB as a REGULATORY body and not an association. Thus, it remains within the autonomous authority of the board to regulate and manage the development, growth and other activities of the various professions under the regulatory powers of the board.

In the wake of the recent visit by a group of physiotherapists who introduced themselves on the visit as the Nigerian Physiotherapists Association, series of allegations were levelled not just at the Board but specifically the office of the Registrar for being biased and giving recognition to an alleged illegal group.

For the record, some newly elected executives of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapist led by the President had sometime in the first week of December 2016, visited the Registrar/CEO in a courtesy capacity acknowledging and appreciating the undeniable productive efforts of the Registrar since her assumption into office and further discussing salient matters bordering on moving the profession, Physiotherapy forward.

However, members in that meeting would attest to the resounding calls by the Registrar for Unity and reconciliation in the profession as a division is unhealthy in its totality for the profession at large. Evidence of this can be found on the MRTB Facebook page post on Dec 7 2016.

In a similar vein, the Registrar welcomed the concerned group who later introduced themselves as the Nigerian Physiotherapists Association when the request for a courtesy visit was made. Her resolve for a united front remained unchanged even in this meeting with this group also, as she resoundly clamoured for unity in the profession. The Board owes every individual or professional from all the professions it regulates, the duty of attention whenever it is requested or desired, Irrespective of the political divides.

However, contrary to the allegations, the Board and her Registrar never made a specific position on this lingering matter, other than its clamour for reconciliation and room for a unified Association eschewing division and bitterness.

The Board’s social media platform is a medium to keep the public abreast of daily activities that take place in the Board or by the Board and the said group visit was one of many other activities. You may be informed that highlights of NSP’s visit are in similar vein on our social media platforms. If an official position is however taken by the Board, it will also be posted on the Board’s official website and an official statement will be made.

Nevertheless, the Board desires to restore sanity in the profession and it is hence calling on concerned elders, stakeholders and individuals in the profession to please rise up and not continue to watch this division.

In conclusion, The Board would refuse to be partisan, and maintain a neutral position in its quest to ensure unity in the profession, and may call a meeting of all concerned parties and stakeholders, however arduous, to achieve a lasting solution to move the profession forward. Decisions reached will then become binding on all, irrespective of sentiments.

Please accept the Registrar’s continued highest Regards.
Thank you.
Adedoyin Olawale
Head, Media and Communications
MRTB, Nigeria.

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