Medical and Health Science Students Get In Here!!!… Beauty’N’Brain Contest For You.

I have always wondered why so much talents lie dormant in med school. I knew of a public health guy, back then in school, who was so talented he was dubbed Mr Talent. He felt he was to be a health professional, rendering services to as many that need them, but at the same time, he flourished in the arts; he could dance, sing, write and many other aspects i might have failed to notice. I would always think to myself, ‘Why don’t this guy just drop out of school and go for his passion?’.

A lot of med school students are just as described above. Hence the Beauty ‘N’ Brain Contest. This is the title of the second edition of The Nigeria Student Health Professional Contest, a contest with a reigning King and Queen.

We believe that a mega platform be created where students, who ordinarily are confined to their book but got more to offer, could display much more than meets the eye. The Nigeria Student Health Professional Contest 2017 is powered by in conjunction with

With a grand prize of N100,000 for the overall winner and other ancilliary freebies and deals, we hope these will serve as a pedestal for our next winners this year.

Rules of The Contest:

  1. Register By Clicking HERE
  2. Follow the instructions on registration keenly
  3. Voting would be on Facebook and on Instagram
  4. ONLY Valid Votes will count… (Details will be on our official whatsapp group)

Get to meet our Winners

  • Godswill Ossai – Nursing Student – Mr Nigeria Student Health Professional 2016
  • Jenita Ojeh – Optometry Student – Miss Nigeria Student Health Professional 2016

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The Admin is a Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Certified Medical Doctor. He is popular for being a fast rising online voice in Nigeria, with a flair for animated writing. He is a professional health content writer. He loves to swim, read and play board games. He see himself as one who is destined to play a role in the way health services are rendered to the human race.