Latest On The JOHESU Strike

johesu allDear honourable colleagues.
I know you have been waiting eagerly to hear the outcome of the meeting of JOHESU and government. The meeting did not hold eventually as it has been postponed till early August even though no specific date was given yet.
A phone call to the HMH confirmed that he was called by the President for an urgent assignment and he said he wants to be in attendance not by representation since far reaching decisions will be made.
However, despite apologies from the Minister, the JOHESU officials did not take kindly to such and decided to meet behind closed doors to map out strategies to reflect our displeasure. The meeting ended at about 7:30pm.
As part of the resolutions, a letter was drafted to the President, his excellency PMB to seek an audience with him as we complained how we have been treated with patience and aversion after listing the problems with emphasis on lawlessness and impunity and that we should not be held responsible for anything we are forced to do later.
Other strategic actions that will be unfolded later were chronicled including consulting legal luminaries on the way out since we are already running out of time.
Promotion and stagnation as been canvassed by FMOH and orchestrated by the H0S was also condemned in another correspondence with warning and advice as agreed in the last NEC meeting in Lokoja.
The issue of no work no pay was not left behind as letter to justify that the FMOH has no legal right to institute such against any of the unions that followed due process of  embarking on strike.
We crave your patience and support as we strategize to work against neo-colonialism in the health sector.
Enough is enough
Await further directives and instructions soon.
Com. Obisesan, O.A
NUAHP Gen Sec.


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