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In a memo dated 1st February 2016, the Joint Health Sector Union and Assembly of Health Care Professionals, JOHESU /AHCP, urged the Head of civil service to ‘correct the error’ of salary and adjusted hierarchical issues.

JOHESU/ AHCP noted that the re-introduction of CONHESS 10 is illegal and contrary to the National industrial court judgement of 22nd july 2013. It is also not in line with the cookey commission report of 1980 and onosode report of 1981 on the harmonization and remuneration in the public service and presidential commission on parastatals, where the resolution clearly stated that federal tertiary health institutions should enjoy similar conditions of service as their counterpart in the universities where the chief cadre is promoted to deputy director and finally to director.

 It reads further “The above position removes the teaching hospitals from the core civil service.
We therefore reject the proposal from the head of service on this issue and state that the career progression for medical laboratory scientists (MLS) and similar professionals should be adjusted as follows:
i. MLS Intern/ NYSC ….. CONHESS 8 Step 2
ii. MLS 1…… CONHESS 9 Step 4
iii. Senior MLS…. CONHESS 11
IV. Principal MLS…. CONHESS 12
V. Chief MLS…. CONHESS 13
vi. Assist Director….CONHESS 14
vii. Director …. CONHESS 15
The entry point of MLS should be 09 step 4 as done for house officers on CONMESS 1 which is equivalent to CONHESS 09 Step 4 while the cadre of chief on 13 has been traditional since 1982
 Further to this, only one of the positions of assistant director and Deputy director should be adopted for tertiary health institutions, for as long as the position of assitant director and deputy director stands, we shall continue to have confusion in the career nomenclature and indusrial problems.
We also appreciate the release of circular ref: HCSF/EIR/CND/S.100 dated 11th june 2015 on the Enhanced entry point for medical laboratory scientists and that of federal ministry of health ref. C. 5380/T/122 dated 30th september, 2015 adressed to all DGs, CMDs MDs
We have noted the arbitrary implementation of the circular by the MDs and CMDs of our institutions despite the circular issued by the FMOH.
Excerpt From; Medical World Nigeria

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