Is It A Good Idea To Start A Blog?… These 11 points will spur you to action!!!

Blogging is really not as difficult as it seems. I remembered about two years ago when I decided to start a blog, I had not thought it would last this long. From choosing a name, to getting the blog set-up, it was all exciting. Even though I had done my research before starting and knowing that a lot of people would give up blogging 6 months into starting a blog, I had thought I would be part of the statistics.

My blogging experience actually started on, a free hosting tool for new bloggers. This was about 4 years ago. I like to believe I used that site to test the waters… It helped me horn my skills and to decide what niche I eventually settled for. I was a clinical student when I decided to become a health blogger. To offer more to the society because there is a dearth of information.

Fast-forward to the present;

I have gone on to teach and mentor other people, especially medical people, in the act and style of blogging. I am now an official health content writer for some medical companies. In our team of writers, we have dedicated health professional writers, who have come to give timely and accurate information to the public.

Experience have shown me that new bloggers have a common question/problem as they make up their minds to start a blog… IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO START A BLOG?

Most times this question gets to be given the wrong answer… “YES, I WILL START A BLOG TO MAKE MONEY”. Simple blogging will not earn you a dime, you have to move on to BLOGGING 4.0. (I will write on BLOGGING 4.0 subsequently).

I believe this has been the downfall of many new bloggers; the money they have envisaged is simply not ‘pouring’ in. So within a short while, they abandon their blogging plans and move on to sometime more ‘lucrative and short term’.

I came across these reasons why one should start his/her own blog, written by a Quora user, Barbara Hoffman. Even though I have some contrary recommendations from a few of the points she had recommended, I find it quite helpful, especially for you new bloggers. I really hope that the list below will encourage you enough to take action. Enjoy!!!

Should I start a blog?

It depends. Here are 11 things to consider before you start a blog.

1. Blogging is Easy

Yep. Blogging is actually really-really easy. The hardest part is setting it up but I’ve fully explained it on my homepage. If you are able to write emails, then you are also able to run a blog.

Want to learn how to start a blog?

With WordPress, you don’t have to deal with any website creation or HTML that is time consuming and boring. The only thing you need to do is customize your blog with themes, add some cool plugins and write content. Once you get the grip of it, you will know exactly what to do.

2. Google Loves Blogs

When your blog is ready, Google crawls your pages and it will be listed on Google search. It means you will start receiving additional visitors from the search engines. Isn’t that great? Search engines help to bring new people to your blog that can become your new friends or future business partners.

3. Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Having a blog will surely make you a better person. Why? Well, blogging obviously improves your writing skills as well as communication skills. You will start thinking more intentionally about who you are and who you want to become. Furthermore, when you send a job application, many employers look for employees who have blogs and write openly about their life and opinion. So it would be a definite “plus” for you.

4. Blogging Helps Other People

You can spread your information and knowledge through blogging. Heck, you can even help other people with specific problems. Let’s say you have blog about “mother care”. There are many women out there who are looking for help/solutions/ideas to raise up their children. Your knowledge or advice could be essential and very helpful.

The same thing goes with any other blog topic. EVERY blog helps other people in their own way. I remember when I started to get emails saying “Thanks for providing such valuable information”. It was very heart-warming and I still remember the feeling!

5. You Can Make Money with Blogging

You must have been heard or seen people who are making a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it’s possible to monetize your blog. It takes time, but once you have enough readers you will start making some small, yet passive income. When time goes by, your traffic numbers will increase as well as the income. I’m not only talking about some few hundred dollars a month, many people earn their living from blogging.

I remember when I created my first blog that had almost 300 unique visitors per day at the end of the year. I spent many hours creating blog posts and adding new fresh content. I sold it for $2800 and it was my first money ever earned on the Internet or as an entrepreneur. In fact, I’m still very proud of it and that’s the point where things started for me.

6. Self-promotion and New Opportunities

When you have a blog you basically have a “tool” or a “channel” to promote yourself or make you look like an expert. You’ll be amazed how many people start to respect you and I know many cases when employers actually contact blog owner directly to offer working positions or joint venture opportunity. This will open you a lot of doors that you might have not been aware or dreamed of.

7. Use Blogs To Stay in Touch

Active people tend to have less time to sit on Facebook or any other social “chat-room”. Again, blog can help you to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and relatives. They can easily read everything about your activities, ideas and success through your blog. Be wise and use this as a communication tool.

8. You Can Make World a Better Place

When you have a blog, you actually have a voice. This means you can spread out all the things you like or don’t like. And those things can help you to change the world.

You have probably seen some blog articles or posts that have gone viral through Twitter and/or Facebook. Once they do that, they will get a lot of attention. Here’s an example story how two young girls launched a blog post that helped to change their school conditions. For your information, they were only 9 and 13 at that time.

9. Blog Can Help To Grow Your Business

Does your company have a blog? If not, then you are missing a lot of it. Blogs can impart a lot of things about your company.

For example, your potential clients can read interesting stories about your company success, ideas, strategies and even new products that might turn them into regular paying customers. That’s a huge opportunity that lot a of small and big firms are not using.

Furthermore, companies who blog have 97% more inbound links (which means more traffic and visitors).

10. Blogging Can Become Your Hobby

If you have too much free time and you are constantly browsing on the Web then you should really consider starting a blog.

You will soon get addicted to it (in a good way) and you will start learning a lot of things. So if you are bored right now then what are you waiting for? You will get a lot of good and new experiences, there is nothing to lose.

11. Blogging Helps to Improve Writing and Argumentation Skills (extra)

Back to the time when I was in college, my grammar, communication and argumentation skills were really poor. But these are very universal and necessary competences in everyday life and also in professional career.

Blogging has had a huge impact on my writing skills since I started. Although it’s not perfect, I feel myself a lot more confident. The more you write, the easier it becomes. Blogging is quite new but there has already been done research about blogging and enhancing writing skills.

Some interesting facts

  • There are approximately 130 million active blog readers in the US right now.
  • 90% of companies who blog daily have acquired at least one customer (probably much more) through blogging.
  • 80% of the US online consumers trust the information they get from blogs.
  • 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
  • Blogging is most popular in age group of 20 – 35 year old. It’s over 50% of the total blogging population.


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