Intense Cycling Can Stop Cells from ageing quickly, Study Reveals.

Many health enthusiast know that the 2 best forms of work-outs are jogging and cycling. However, controversy lingers between those who believe that jogging is supreme and those who say that cycling is the prima inter pari. However, a new study holds that both of them, or at a hybrid of both, is key to stay fit. This new exercise for ensures you never do this after every work-out.

Many people may think long bike rides are the best exercise, or at least a half-hour session pedaling at the gym. But a US study found just four minutes of all-out cycling, followed by three easier minutes, are needed 12 times a week, along with another 90 minutes walking on a treadmill.


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According to the research, as seen on Daily Mail;

High intensity interval training, as it is known, works better than longer cycling sessions and weightlifting to halt the damage to the cells’ ‘batteries’ which may kickstart the ageing process.

Fixing defects in the DNA of these batteries, the mitochondria, is believed to help people live longer before falling ill with diseases of old age like heart failure and cancer.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found short bursts of exercise improve fitness, cut body fat and can ward off diabetes, as well as tackling cell ageing.

They signed up 72 men and women aged 18 to 30 and 65 to 80 for high-intensity training, resistance training using weights, and combined training with longer bouts of cycling and fewer weights sessions.

In good news for time-poor office workers, senior author Dr Sreekumaran Nair, concluded the short bursts were the best.

Who would ever believe that four minute cycling at close to maximum effort tends to burn fats more and keeps resting metabolic rate even long after the end of exercise.

Excerpt from DAILY MAIL.

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