In Need Of An Electronic Glucometer?… Visit Jomi Medical And Surgical Equipement Stores.

Good to come your way again on this first day in the month of March. Thanks God for His Love so far. Now, I had the opportunity to be conversing with a childhood friend of mine a few days back. While we did some catching up, since we had not seen ourselves in over 8 years largely due to my medical schooling, he was so thrilled that I had successfully crossed that hurdle.

As we said our goodbyes he added a last line thus;

“Do you have any idea where i could purchase a good blood sugar device”

Then he went on to add, “My Uncle was recently diagnosed of Diabetes and he was advised to do a regular blood sugar check”.

Even though the news came to me as a shock, I never knew there was a positive history of Diabetes Mellitus in his family. So I simply promised to help him search for a good place, since the products in most of these medical stores may not be completely reliable.

I decided to share this post to also help others in need of a good store to purchase a blood sugar device ie a Glucometer.

I got to discover a Jomi’s Medical and Surgical Equipement Store. They appear so organized and reputable, even though I have not gone physically to make a purchase, but they shared this post on The Official Facebook group page. READ MORE HERE.

This is what was shared…


Keep up with your blood sugar levels with the accu-chek blood sugar monitor and the accu-chek test strips… all available at JOMI MEDICAL & SURGICAL EQUIPMENT CO. We offer the most competitive price and we never compromise on quality, NEVER!

For more information, visit our shop outlet @ shop E311 Co-operative line, bridge head market, Onitsha, Anambra state or call 08162558423 also check out our INSTAGRAM PAGE @jomi_medicals

We encourage more corporate bodies and registered businesses to get in touch with us to be able host their healthcare goods and services to our numerous readers via our social media handles.


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