The choices we make everyday in one way or the other affects our health. From the food we eat down to where we go and what we wear; all of these and more affects our health status. Lets find that out:

  1. FOOD: The type of food you eat affects your health a great deal. Taking a balanced diet at least once a day is essential. Avoid under-nutrition and over-nutrition, they would result in malnutrition and obesity respectively.
  2. CLOTHING: The mode of dressing most times varies with seasons. During winter, rainy seasons, people clothe themselves with cardigans, headwarmers, shaws, boots, socks, gloves e.t.c, just to keep warm and prevent cold.
  3. ENVIRONMENT: Smoky environments, chemicals dust would trigger anaphylactic reactions such as sneezing and coughing. It could in the long run lead to asthma and some other respiratory tract infection.
  4. OCCUPATION: Every occupation comes with its hazards. A health worker  in the hospital is at risk of hospital acquired infections. Your busy schedule at work should not permit you to skip meals unnecessarily. Wherever you find yourself, please remember that health is wealth.
  5. SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT AND PATTERN: Where do you sleep, In the office? How do you sleep, with your hands on your jaw on the reading table? When do you sleep, Is it at 11pm? All of these count. Bad sleeping habits could cause deterioration of one’s health.
  6. PERSONAL HYGIENE: How often and neatly do you wash your clothes especially under-wears? Do you take care of your environment? Skin infections are likely to result from poor personal hygiene.
  7. RELATIONSHIPS: Does your spouse always beat you up? Does your wife provide junk as your meal? As much questions exists on how the different relationships we keep affects our health.
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA: Try to get credible information about health from the internet. If you are not sure of anything, please consult your physician.
  10. RELIGION: Your religious practices should be balanced such that your health is not at risk. A healthy man is the one who goes to worship not the dead man.

Dear readers, our health is important for our survival. Let us make it a point of duty to look into our health lifestyle for the past years and make amends for the next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!

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