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Health Professionals Who Play ‘ALABI’ Must Work Extra-Hard. This Is Especially So For Doctors…Here Is Why!!!

doctor alabiI officially started my posting in the burns and plastic unit of my facility yesterday. After spending just one day in this unit, I can attest that this specialty requires much more meticulousness and precision. I had only started the day when i observed a colleague in so much pump and cheer. It was truly infectious and since we were in some form of pseudo-break (in this unit, there is no time for a break), I requested to know why he was so must happy. He just smiled to me and narrated how he bet on some local betting site and he had his very first win ever.

I am quite aware that the major international football leagues are over, but he was able to clinch a sizeable chunk of money from the basketball league. This is so unusual and definitely not typical. I know he loves basketball as a sport but I also know he is not as versed in basketball as in football. Aside from this, he has not made any major win in his betting ministry since he started a few months back yet he dabbled into betting in one of these foreign basketball leagues and scored a big win, it was truly unbelievable. At a point i asked to see the slip and evidence that he won #25,000. He gladly obliged and showed me confirmation of receipt of payment issued from the bank. At this point I believed him as i watched him prance away in a new walking step that tells of a man who is extremely happy.hand-mobile-phone-20269125

Generally, betting, or as locally said “Alabi”, is quite common among professionals, even among doctors. It is a phenomenon, a social phenomenon, that is sweeping fast across the country. With just a funded account opened online, one is connected to the vast and mysterious world of Alabi, where the dreams of many are crashed and the dreams of many start. It is truly a world of ‘unsure possibilities’. A lot of resources; financial, time, mental resources, go into being successful as an Alabite. It is associated with some form of psyche, whereby repeated failures are only seen as the true marker of one who is to score a big win, soonest. This is the only explanation to how a highly cerebral doctor would keep on investing in this venture and constantly lose, yet he remains unperturbed, summarily dismissing it as only a risk every man must face.

In my opinion, I believe an Alabite Doctor have to put in more hours working if he to finance his account. Like my friend I talked about earlier, sometimes it could be very rewarding. I know of one who hit a whooping 1.4million Naira after staking 50,000 Naira. For you to win big, you must invest big and set your odds appropriately. Some are lucky, but the larger majority are never always lucky.

You may be thinking how I know so much about this phenomenon. It may have crossed your mind to also think I play the game once in a while. The truth is I do not play the game but as a phenomenon that is taking Nigerians by storm, I have decided to look at the health implications. This is my interest!!! Already features like depression, early onset hypertension and others have been reported but not substantiated.

Doctors, and indeed all health professionals, should cautious and if you must play, it should be in moderation. I hear it is very addictive like so many other social activities in our culture. Play Safe…

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