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For Better Or For Worse, Doctors And Nurses Remain The Unbeatable Team.


The rounds today was smooth, especially since the warning strike action embarked upon by the Association Of Resident Doctors (ARDS) came to an end today. I happen to be in the Paediatric surgery unit in my facility here. Last week when the strike started, most of the patients were discharged since there would be no resident doctor on hand to see the patients. This is apart from critical patients who may not survive outside expert care.

I felt the extra love of the nurses in the paediatric surgical ward towards the remaining helpless in-patient babies. The care of these dedicated trained nurses, especially towards Baby Fortune (not real name) is so outstanding. Baby Fortune has an omentocoele the size of his head, located on his umbilicus.

The truth be told, I did not expect to see Baby Fortune alive today, with his doctors being on strike.

So when I got to the ward, my eye shot towards the direction of the cute baby and was relieved when I observed his mother breast feeding him. Baby fortune is just about 3 months old.

I love to think that the doctors secretly entered the ward to keep an on the babe. But to my amazing, the nurses had simply followed the written instructions of the paediatric surgeons and nursed the baby adequately.

After discussing this topic with a colleague, who also wish for a peaceful Nigerian Health System, we were able to synthesise these questions and we believe it is feasible;

“Is it possible that Doctors and Nurses can work effectively together and forget about other hospital ‘interlopers’?”

“Is it possible that both professionals van work in and out of the hospitals for the good of the patient?”

“Is it possible that Doctors and Nurses can together form a formidable union together as ‘equals’ so as to put to death every issue of JOHESU?”

“Is it possible that this proposed name, KEY HOSPITAL WORKERS UNION… KEHWU, for all Doctors and Nurses Practising in a hospital adopts this?”

Not to sound disrespectful, but Doctors and Nurses are the key, primary workers in every hospital setting. Hence my use of the term, “interlopers”. It is not intended to be derogatory.

I believe it can be done. With both sides having a workable understanding, where mutual respect and recognition is accorded the next group, THEN IT CAN BE DONE. My experience, like a lot of others people’s personal experiences, proves that it can be done.

Grow and develop the will to make it work and a way will naturally surface.

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