Most esteemed readers, have you ever wondered why girls from the rural setting reach adolescent age on time? Or why fat girls attain early puberty? From research, it has been shown that Stress and Obesity are HUGE contributing factors. Do you think its a good sign or a bad one? Lets what Dr. louise Greenspan has to say:

We used to say that breast development and pubic hair growth should start before the age of 8, now 15% of girls at the age of 7 are showing breast development.

Girls who hit puberty early are at risk of being depressed, developing an eating disorder, abusing drugs, and engaging in sexual behaviors earlier. Body fats makes estrogen required for breast budding and other female secondary characteristics. Continued low to high grade stress on female child may make the body try to get to its reproductive age sooner because it thinks you’re going to die sooner


Now, do you think it is profitable? It puts the girl child at risk of sexual abuse from the opposite sex, or even the same sex. Public health intervention would be to try to tame the obesity epidemic and put greater infrastructure in place to buffer children from the stresses of poverty.


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Cynthia Isuekebhor

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  1. Confirming previous research, a newstudyreports that early onset puberty in girls is linked to overweight and obesity. This isn’t totally surprising, since obesity can alter the levels of reproductive hormones, prompting the body intopremature puberty. Still, the implications are important, given that overweight and obesity in children has increased markedly in recent decades – and given the number of health problems that are linked to excess body weight across a lifetime. But while obesity is a likely culprit in the early onset of puberty, there are certainly others.

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