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Doctors, Never Joke With Your Online Presence… It Is Worth More Than You Think

A Doctor’s Online Presence:

An online presence is a person’s personal or professional brand online. It is what your online audience sees and knows about you. It is a representation of what you stand for and believe. For most Medical Doctors, this largely remains unchartered waters with an overwhelming uncertain as to what it holds for them.

As a doctor, it is crucial to note that more patients are transiting to the internet space and the earlier you find them, the better your practice will be. As a person/doctor, it has not been easy building an online presence. READ ABOUT my Experience HERE!!! An Online presence entails getting on social media networks and being availabe to communicate with clients/visitors.

My experience have shown that a Medical Doctor’s online presence is as valuable as his physical presence.

Naturally, the first point of call for any doctor who intend to build his/her online presence would be to join the Facebook community and eventually getting a dedicated Facebook page for your personal or professional brand.


How To Establish A Dedicated Facebook Page For My Personal or Professional Brand.

The next logical steps is to begin to boost your online presence with photos. People love photos and your patients/clients are no different. I recommend you use the very effective tool, a social media outlet in every right , Instagram. Give your client a peep into your world with your instagram; this helps solidify any standing Doctor-Patient relationship.

I recommend you READ THIS piece… Instagram holds so much.

Once you get your instagram up and running, it could be quite fun and it has proven to positively influence a practitioner’s online presence. It indeed boosts your personal or social brand.

I conclude this piece by saying the above article is an over-simplification of what it takes to start building a strong online presence. However, it is the basic step but more steps truly await this process. Development of an online presence by healthcare professionals should be your priority for that is the next destination for most client.

Get involved today. Be sure to contact us if you experience any difficulty implementing any of the above point. You can start today and bring us on board to work you through the process at any stage of the process!!!



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