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ATOPIC DERMATITIS also called ezcema is a skin inflammatory disease. It occurs when there is contact between a violated epidermis and environmental irritants and immune cells. Usually patients present with pruritus and scratching.

  • Patients should be instructed to bathe twice a day using mild soaps e.g, Dove. Patient should dry quickly and apply cream as prescribed such as Eucerin, Cetaphil, they have lower or no water content and will not evaporate easily from the skin. Parents may use petroleum jelly on infants.
  • Acute attacks should be treated with topical steroids for up to 2weeks. Patient should apply the ointment within 5minutes of twice daily bathing.
  • Anti-histamines have been prescribed for years to control pruritus with acute atopic dermatitis.

In cases of uncertain diagnosis or severe atopic dermatitis that is resistant to conventional therapy, patients should see a specialist for further investigations.

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