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Anselm (not real name), is a known diabetes patient. He was on admission in the male surgical ward as he was being managed for an ulcer that is chronic and has refused to heal. When he presented to our facility, his blood sugar was over the ceiling and he has some classical symptoms and signs of diabetic neuropathy.

Though on some hypoglycemic medications, he has been largely non compliant with his drugs. He presented to the hospital because he could not understand why a ‘small sore’ has grown into a major ulcer that have prevented him from going to work.

Generally Diabetic Foot Ulcer, DFU, could result  from something as simple as walking in new or tight-fitting shoes or getting a small pebble stuck in the shoe, or trimming the toe nails with a razor blade, or kicking ones feet against a hard surface. The reason this happen is because of nerve damage that stops the feeling in your feet. Doctors call this neuropathy. If you can’t feel your feet, you may not know you’re hurt, and a small cut or sore can turn into something bigger.

Hence, for all diabetics, care of the foot is generally rendered to them. For the foot,

  • Avoid tight fitting shoes, high heeled shoes.
  • Foot wears must be such that all toes are exposed to the exterior, especially the small toe.
  • Never use a razor blade to trim the toe nails. Use instead, a clipper.
  • Avoid walking bare feet.
  • Never use hot water on the feet, since the patient cannot say how hot or cold the water is.
  • At all times, ensure the feet is dry, even after taking a bath.
  • Any minor sore or wound on the feet must be reported to the doctor, for expert handling of the wound. ALWAYS AVOID SELF MEDICATION.


  • Check your feet daily. If you’ve lost feeling in your feet, look to see if something is wrong. It’s hard for many people to inspect the bottoms of their feet even if they use a mirror, so you could ask your spouse or a friend.
  • Wash them well. When you shower, soap your feet with warm water, gotten for you by another person, and fully dry them, even between the toes. Moisture that gets trapped there can be harmful. Use lotion or cream to keep skin from drying or cracking, which can cause sores. AS A RULE; CONSIDER YOUR SKIN TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN.
  • Dress for comfort. Keep your feet cushioned with soft socks and comfy footwear. As already mentioned, you are to avoid high heels and pointy, narrow styles, which can harm your feet. Your doctor may prescribe special shoes if you need them.
  • Trim your toenails. People with diabetes should see a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in foot care. Ask him if he should cut your toenails to prevent injury. This is common for people who have neuropathy or who’ve had foot ulcers before. Let an expert trim your toe nails, never go to a salon.

Keep to this and see how you function effectively with little or no complications ever!!!


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