Check Out The World’s Leading Insane And Unnecessary Women ‘Health’ Products/Practices.

This post is a simple wake-up call for all, especially women. Women feel the need to always be on top of their game, and are ready to look go and be healthy no matter what it takes. Call it insecurity or low self-esteem, some ladies crave to correct every perceived, real or imagined, body abnormality.


It is also in this vein that some women recommend some practices or products to other women, that they erroneously believe keeps a woman’s body parts beautiful, glowing and sensual.

1. Vaginal Lipsticks

This is a product. Its brand name is VMagic and is made with organic avocado oil and honey. It claims to treat things like itch and discomfort, skin dryness, “odor causing bacteria” and ingrown hairs.

The manufacturers claim that the VMagic is free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens. Lab tested and proven to be zero irritant.

2). Vaginal Steaming

This is a practice. Vaginal steaming entails quite a technical stream of processes, when handled by professionals. For those who understand it operationality, a vaginal steaming comes with a price and it is so totally unnecessary. Indeed, this practice is a treatment in certains climes, where a trained gynaecologist is on standby for immediate attention.

It is said that Vaginal Steaming have ability to naturally soothe cramps, clear yeast infections or tone vaginal tissues after the treatment.

This is the account of one of Huffington’s post Fashion and Beauty Editor, Dana Oliver;

Well, I certainly felt quite welcomed once I stepped into the offices located in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood. The setup is definitely a bit more luxe.

After completing forms about my medical/sexual health, VSpot MediSpa gynecologist Carolyn A. DeLucia reviewed the material and explained The V-Steam process. I only had to undress from the waist down and I was provided a bright purple terry half robe for added comfort. Next, I lay back on a padded examination-style table. My legs were propped up similar to positioning for a pap smear.

Barshop re-entered the room and inserted an herbal pack, including rose, lavender and mugwort, into a long plastic tube before turning on the vaginal steam machine. Then, she positioned the table to account for my long legs. The positioning of the tube where the steam flows up toward the vagina is crucial, as it can’t be too close or you’ll risk getting burned. Barshop placed a large white sheet over my legs and the tube to create a tunnel. The tube doesn’t touch or go inside the vagina. Once I was comfortable, she turned off the lights and set a timer for 20 minutes before leaving the room. Just outside was a gynecologist on standby for any needs.

Within three minutes, the small room begin to smell of citrus and fresh herbs. Because I was growing out a bikini wax, it took at least five minutes for me to feel warmth down there. No complaints, as I was grateful for the light “barrier” from the steam.

3). Female Circumcision

Also known as Female Genital Mutilation. It is a practice. It involves the excision a part of the female genitalia, the clitoris. In regions where this is practiced, young girls look up to this day; a day that marks the beginning of their womanhood.

Female circumcision is believed to reduce the tendency of a girl/woman becoming promiscuous. It is also believed that the lady would enjoy a healthy sexual relationship with her spouse, accompanied by being successful in child-bearing.

At the moment, female circumcision is a public health issue in most developing economies, hence the change in name to Female Genital Mutilation, to accentuate the gravity of this practice.

4). Insertion Of Jade Egg In The Vagina

It is a product. A Jade egg is actually a stone shaped as an egg. It involves inserting the egg-shaped jade stone into the body (vagina). The result of which may include vaginal wall muscle toning.

The egg is believed to balanced out hormones, regularise menstrual cycle length and flow. Proponents also say people are “more attracted to you” when you’re carrying one. 

Other unnecessary practices women go through include;

  • Douching
  • Insertion of caustic soda in the vaginal

From the above practices and products, insane as they seem, cause vaginal infection and trauma basically to the participant. Unlike female circumcision where majority of the participants are young victimized ladies, the others are voluntary participants in the unnecessary practice.

As is the general concensus, these practices and product-use are insane and unnecessary.

The vagina and the rest of the female reproductive organs are actually quite smart at regulating themselves and need no interference from the above.

If you feel something has changed with your vulva and vagina, and you are having symptoms, see your doctor, not the internet…




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