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#CostOfChildMarriage: Girls Should Be students, not Brides.

THE girl child is quite unique and vulnerable in our society today, as they seem the victim of child marriage. For every girl child who is subjected to an early marriage, she is much more predisposed to complications of pregnancy and delivery processes. She faces higher risk of social violence and has less decision making […]

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Reasons you should mind what you eat from food/fruit/vegetable vendors

Food and fruit vendors are rampant this days, as they make it easy for one to get something to eat anytime. But then there are those of us who are probably  on the expressway, travelling and sometimes have some cravings that make us purchase these foods/fruits n the way, and we just eat them up. […]

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Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

I found this article very interesting and rich. The epidemic of growing belly fat is real and so when the writer, Steve Kirsch, a quora user sent in his answer to the question, i decided to share with you. Read all about his experience below; “This a GREAT question and sadly very few people can […]

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It is utterly wrong to think you can ‘clean your lungs’.

“Smokers are liable to die young”… a mantra most Nigerians know all too well. This clause, put out by the Federal Ministry of Health, has turned to be a slogan against smoking and tobacco use. At the moment legislation have banned smoking in public place, and heaped heavy taxes on tobacco makers. Also, Nigeria does […]

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University of Calabar Teaching Hosp. Releases Comprehensive List of Successful Intern Candidates…

The University of Calabar Teaching have released the list of successful internship applicants for 2017/2018 year, from across different departments in the teaching hospital. This list was obtained from The ParcelMedico Whatsapp group page… so it may not appear too clear nor arranged in any particular order. Indeed, we are grateful for contacts in calabar […]

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#WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay2017: Medlenna Facebook Community Is Agog with this subject.

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2017. Like every other June 15th, the World Health Organisation set aside this day to raise the awareness of elders phase in the society. WHO statistics indicates that 1 in 6 older adults have been abused in the past year. This infographic will aid you to identify the […]

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#WorldBloodDonorDay2017: UBTH Medical Students Have This Message For You!!!

Yaaay, today is World Blood Donor Day 2017. This is a World Health Organisation approved day where people are encouraged to donate blood, for the service of mankind. Blood is crucial for life and every fit person is advised to donate, hence the theme for this year’s event is “Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often”. […]

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This Is The Best Way To Reduce Belly Fat Faster?… Practical Steps Also Provided!!!

Indeed i have an interesting community on quora, with lots of first hand knowledge… and yes I am on Quora too, check out my beautiful profile HERE. Its fun and educating. A question popped up in a post and Lucas Poh a Quora user has this to say about losing belly fat fast… Enjoy his piece […]

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Doctors, Never Joke With Your Online Presence… It Is Worth More Than You Think

A Doctor’s Online Presence: An online presence is a person’s personal or professional brand online. It is what your online audience sees and knows about you. It is a representation of what you stand for and believe. For most Medical Doctors, this largely remains unchartered waters with an overwhelming uncertain as to what it holds […]

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Brook Cherith Releases New Infographic With These Strong Words On #FGM

Brook Cherith Support is a Non Governmental Organisation poised to be a source of help and encouragement to humanity, according to their official Facebook page. The N.G.O has been coming out strong over the past few weeks and beckons on well meaning individuals to join their heroic community. Check Out their Facebook page HERE. Knowing that […]

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Why It’s Your Duty to Share Accurate Health Info on Facebook

My sons were born 13 years ago, and my pregnancy experience lends support to the widely held notion—true or not—that doctors have the most complications. I was pregnant with triplets. My first son, delivered at 22 weeks, died. I managed to stay pregnant with my remaining two until 26 weeks, when I became septic. As […]

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Are You Addicted To Facebook? It Is In Your Genes… New Study

Facebook addicts may be genetically programmed to love social media, a major new study has claimed. Scientists at King’s College London compared the internet habits of around 4,250 identical twins with around 4,250 non-identical twins. They found genes were responsible up to 39 percent of the time spent online. Experts claim this shows the media […]