I know it may sound weird, but the life of your doctor is so intertwined with yours. Neglect this fact to your own peril. Give it a thought and you will see that this conclusion is true, though a bit scary. This may as well be the first step to getting well whenever we fall ill. I am always careful not to put a doctor on the same ranking as ‘God’, the thought of it is so repugnant, but this is how we look at doctors sometimes.

On that note I want to point out certain things that you see or know about your doctor, but it is quite hard to understand how that can be. This may be my personal opinion, but I know it holds true for most patients, especially if you have been admitted into a hospital, or you have had the opportunity of working in close range or at close contact with a doctor.

A patient once asked me why a doctor’s hand-writing is always so poor. She was hypertensive and I had just started my clinical posting in internal medicine. I was to show her the medical laboratory for further test as requested by the cardiologist on-call. She said she was trying to read the wordings on her file as the doctor consulted, but she could not make out the letters or words. She is learned by the way. I have heard others say doctors scribble words like chicken. Most patients cannot understand this!!! Is this really intentional or not. I do not think so. This is the first issue most patient would never understand.

“Why must a doctor be proud, full of himself or herself?” I know this line all too well. Patients do not understand why doctors must have to ‘look down on them’ while attending to them. I find this particular issue as the most constant feature a patient can never understand. In real sense, the doctor may not be full of himself or herself. It is just that doctors represent, as at that time, all that they hope to be – which is to be well again. This is the 2nd issue most patient may never understand.

Doctors must know it all!! This is the reason why most patient present to the hospital, to get a solution or a semblance of a solution. But what happens when a diagnosis cannot be reached, or the treatment is obviously not working? Most patient cannot understand this!! It is more confounding to the relatives of the patient. It is much more than it seems. This is the 3rd issue most patient can never understand.

“He is asking me too many questions. How do all these questions and answers make me well again?” Most patient would rather you give them professional care and treatment without going through the stress of those questions. It is known as history taking. No matter how hard you try to explain the importance of history taking, an exercise necessary before any diagnosis can be made, they just can never get it. This is the 4th issue most patient would never understand.

As I said earlier, these are issues most patients may not understand. They are my opinion based on my experience and my observations. Do you have anything that you notice about doctors you would like to share? Feel free and share by leaving a comment. If you need clarifications about your observation(s), indicate and we would clear the air!!!

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The Admin is a Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Certified Medical Doctor. He is popular for being a fast rising online voice in Nigeria, with a flair for animated writing. He is a professional health content writer. He loves to swim, read and play board games. He see himself as one who is destined to play a role in the way health services are rendered to the human race.


  1. So true abt d observations dr.Emeka made bt am also in d medical field so I undastnd dat history takin is infact more important dan d drug prescription cos if d history of a patient is wrong diagnosis can never b right

    • Purplediamond, it is good to know you agree with me. Wrong diagnosis may just means wrong treatment.

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