Sometimes it becomes totally impossible to write about a topic that seem ‘distant’. Distant, in the sense that, I am not a nurse. But as a clinical student in one of Nigeria’s Finest Teaching Hospital, I have a hands on experience with a host student nurses.

As you may be aware, as one of Nigeria’s best Private university, the Madonna University offers different medical and health science courses. The University is known for maintaining strict policies that have proven to be what the modern day Nigerian student needs. As proof of what I m trying to say, I think you should read of the announcement given at the last induction ceremony of the Madonna University teaching hospital about MEDICAL EDUCATION IN NIGERIA – NEW POLICY CHANGE.

Student nurses in Madonna University Happen to have a strong presence in the Elele Campus by virtue of their numbers and I believe that is why they are able to push this ‘swag’ onto their practice.

I may be correct, I may be wrong; however, these 3 things really make Madonna University Student Nurses to stand out, any day, any time.


I was chatting with a nursing student (not a Madonna Nursing student) recently, and she attested to the fact that she was quite impressed with the calibre of Nurses that Madonna University produces. I thought it was one of those ‘girl-talk’, until 2 days ago, when I had a first hand experience. The lady stood her ground and really dissected the topic/question I threw at her. She concluded saying that;

‘she was not even one of the top-5 brightest in her set’.

I also know with two (2) different certificate awarded at the end of the timely 5 year duration, as student, they are set to be the best. [As an aside; they normally graduate with Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing science, and a Diploma in Midwifery (optional)]..

Madonna University Student Nurses, Simple Yet Focused!!!

Madonna University Student Nurses, Simple Yet Focused!!!


I have gotten countless commendable emails, chats, stating how impressed the sender is with Madonna University graduate nurses. Yea, from anonymous persons to those who want to be known, the verdict is unanimous:

“Madonna Graduate nurses put in longer hours, and are ready to go the extra mile when it comes to patient care” one sender writes.

“I did not know good people (nurse), still exist in this world, until I met this Madonna Nurse. She is exceptional” another mails reads.

I think why these mails are sent to me is probably because they recognise I am also a product of Madonna University Nigeria.


This may seem controversial, however it my candid observation. I have seen quite a number of Student Nurse apparel, but the blue and white colour blend of the Madonna University student nurse stands out easily. It is aesthetically appealing and mild on the eyes, unlike most other nursing uniforms.

It is a fact that, patients respect for nurses is heightened when they get a nurse who is modest, neat, cute and ‘sharp’. This is whom the typical Madonna University Student, or graduate, Nurse represents.

I know what would be running through your mind, right now, as you read the concluding part of this post;

‘Is the writer a Madonna University Nurse, student or graduate?’

‘Why is he writing glowing words of a group of persons who may not recognise him?’

‘I think he has been paid already to write these good stuff about Nurses’

Well, none of these is true. I only write because I have a keen eye for observing details; details that would help patients/clients get better. Money is always the L.C.M (lowest common multiple), but I will never let it blind me from speaking (or not speaking) the truth!!!

The truth is: Madonna University Nurses Rock, Nurses Rock!!!



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The Admin is a Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Certified Medical Doctor. He is popular for being a fast rising online voice in Nigeria, with a flair for animated writing. He is a professional health content writer.
He loves to swim, read and play board games. He see himself as one who is destined to play a role in the way health services are rendered to the human race.

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  1. Good one. Nurses generally by virtue of their training turn out to be the best. Having to spend the whole years reading with just 3 weeks of break a year isn’t a joke. Proud to be one!

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