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Top 4 #HealthConversation: Health Insurance, Centralized Internship/Housemanship System, Others, Kept Nigerians Busy In 2017

This is the last editorial for the year 2017. It is less than two weeks before the Year 2017 winds off. The health sector has been vibrant, positively and negatively, as usual. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of progress, stand-stills and retrogression… totally eventful!!! It was in this year 2017 that medical […]


Humans, unlike monkeys, turn a competitive situation into cooperative one

Rhesus macaques and capuchin monkeys can find a stable solution when playing a competitive game in which one opponent always does better than the other, but only humans can find a solution that benefits both competitors equally, turning a competitive situation into a cooperative one, according to a Georgia State University study. The findings advance […]