The Harmattan is a cold-dry and dusty trade wind blowing over the West African subcontinent. This northeasterly wind blows from the Sahara Desert into the Gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March (winter).

Well Harmattans is actually a dusty wind that comes from Sahara. It is usually characterised by cold dry weather in the early hours of the morning and sometimes in the evening. Our body is affected by this weather.

Since our body gets only as much as we give to it, then warm water may not be totally good for all persons. I say this because more people are heating up water to use for bathing. So it is good to point out this, that not everybody must use warm or lukewarm water in this period of harmattan.

  1. Medical Conditions like Intractable, uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus among others. DM patients normally lose sensations in the upper and lower limbs. So it becomes totally impossible for these patients to know the exact temperature that would be ok.
  2. Economic reasons. An appointment set for any particular time must not be delayed by anything, even for a bath of warm water.

All said and done, warm water in a cold, chilly harmattan season as this could be useful. The good thing is that the advantage far outweighs the disadvantage, if you think of how you ll be shivering as the cold water runs down your back. Make sure your health need is contraindicated before jumping into the bath tub with that warmest of waters.

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